permet de s'arrêter sur les choses, il faut être contemplatif, mais aussi exigeant, la photo peut-être une émotion, elle laisse à chacun l'expression de sentiments personnels. Mes débuts comme beaucoup d'amateurs "ancienne génération", se sont faits par l'argentique, prises de vues et labo, je garde de cette période un gout pour le noir et blanc.
Aujourd'hui je me consacre essentiellement à la photo animalière et de nature, c'est ce qui correspond le mieux à mon aspiration, retrouver du temps, vivre au rythme des saisons, c'est redonner du sens, c'est aussi une réflexion sur l'harmonie, l'équilibre, l'adaptation, l'observation de la vie sauvage est riche d'enseignements.
Je ne photographie que des animaux dans leur milieu naturel, la photo qui fait sens relève dans ce domaine d'une démarche qui se doit d'être authentique.

Wildwife Photography.
The wildlife photography that I practice regularly in the Southern Alps, springs up mainly from my love of nature. It is quite often that I come back empty-handed without the photo I hoped for, but always remains the pleasure of spending time walking in the mountains.

To capture the "Beautiful Image" is time consuming, it requests many walks in all seasons and all weathers but what a feeling when you achieved it.

Wildlife observation is very rewarding; a lot can be learned from various species and their lifestyle in the wild, and it is why the Mercantour National Park is a protected and privileged area for birds, mammals and birds of prey, living in our mountains.
Wildlife photography without ethics and respect for what you are photographing is meaningless. In this domain as in others, it is the picture that makes sense, here is the expression of a process that must be uncompromising and authentic. That is the reason why I do not take pictures of animals in captivity, fed by humans or in private reserves, but only pictures of wildlife in its natural environment.
Wildlife photography is first and foremost a school for observation and patience. Should you be on the approach or on the lookout anything is possible, but the most important thing is to be familiar with the species you are photographing.
Prior to any shooting, a visit of the location is required to observe and understand what is going on. It is only after this identification phrase that the pictures are taken.
If possible the pictures will be taken with long focal lengths from 400 mm, first of all not to disturb the animals in remaining sufficiently remote, then for aesthetic reasons. The subject will be well framed with a beautiful blurred background, which gives more impact and power to the subject.
I hope the displayed pictures will invite you to discover the Mercantour National Park, and its rich wildlife, you'll be surprised how close you can get to some species as long as your approach is respectful of animals

Welcome to our Alpes-Martimes and enjoy your visit




La photographie

"Le sauvage c'est ce qui vous regarde quand vous vous croyez seul"